Bar to Grab Medicare Incentives for Meaningful Use of EHR Extended

Bar to Grab Medicare Incentives for Meaningful Use of EHR Extended

Thanks to a federal deadline extension, more physicians may be able to collect Medicare electronic health record (EHR) financial incentives of up to $44,000. The deadline for meeting stage 2 standards of meaningful use of EHRs has been delayed until 2014 to encourage more physicians to participate.

Physicians, hospitals, and others have already received more than $1.2 billion in EHR incentive payments. To get an incentive payment, physicians participating in the incentive program in 2011 and 2012 need to attest that they met stage 1 standards.

If you have questions about what you need to do to meet meaningful use and earn the incentives, you may find some answers in an interactive resource guide recently developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The guide contains information on:

  • Program basics—EHR incentive program overview, requirements, and program options
  • How to participate—Eligibility and registration
  • Meaningful use—How to successfully attest to meaningful use for Medicare, including the core and menu objectives and clinical quality measures you must meet
  • Attestation—Steps to follow to attest and what happens afterwards

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