your best offense: a solid defense

your best offense: a solid defense

How long does it take before you discover a data breach?  And by that time, is it too late?  What are the measures you put in place to identify the issue and ensure that it doesn’t happen again?
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your datacenter, your software as a utility

your datacenter, your software as a utility

If you’ve grown weary of the data closet down the hall, leverage our rock-solid infrastructure for your critical business applications.

Whether you prefer the traditional server-to-client architecture or your applications delivered over the internetwork, we can assist you.  Software-as-a-Service has matured from it’s inception in the late 1990′s to a solid, enterprise-level utility model offering.   Saves thousands in capital expenses for a low monthly fee that handles the hardware, the applications, the security, the patches , the updates, the management.

By ‘utility’ we mean you get all the benefits of the service, without investing in and maintaining the infrastructure.   We do all that for you and deliver the raw, clean software-as-a-service.

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Banks do not have fraud d…

Banks do not have fraud detection systems to detect repeat ATM withdrawls within a short period of time.

software as a service

software as a service

we deliver your application over the network using technology tested by the most demanding financial and medical industries.

the technology is here and time-tested. reduce your it expenditures by virtualizing your applications and moving them offsite.

virtualization: ready for primetime

virtualization: ready for primetime

let us tell you how

Hacktivists and ‘the Professionals’ should make 2011 quite interesting

From Hacktivists to ‘the Professionals’, DDoS attacks are a major tool.
And detailed DDoS discussion:

2011: expect more of using social media for hacktivism

2011 will be the year of using old attack vectors in new web 2.0 ways. DDoS with social media? Browser-only DDoS? Lookout!

Facebook intern turns user demographics into an amazing map of a connected world…

Cool! Facebook intern turns data into amazing map of a connected world.

Voyager1 Space Probe leaving the Solar System

Great post @smartplanet on the Voyager1 Space Probe leaving the Solar System. What being will discover the Golden Disk?

Top 20 passwords found in the Gawker dump

Interesting list of top 20 passwords in the Gawker dump. Hope you aren’t registered on any lifehacker/gawker sites!!