If the IRS emails you saying your payment failed: you’ve been hacked

Day-in-the-life of a bankbot. I rec’d the email this article refers to. I wonder who in my 7 degrees is infected… http://ow.ly/3jOin

How to resolve DNS if no registrar will have you?

Domain Name Service providers back slowly away from WikiLeaks. http://ow.ly/3jOGV Peer-to-peer DNS forthcoming. http://ow.ly/3jOL5 Weird!!

New variants mean more work for security researchers

Researcher workload just doubled with discovery of new variant of ZeuS Zbot malware.

Definition: honeypot

A honeypot is a computer or virtual machine that has no actual production use, other than to act as fly paper for attackers.

data availability

data availability

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Data Breach Regulations can Cost Multinationals

Google was going about it’s business of mapping the world when it stepped on the toes of  Britain’s Data Protection Act.  Apparently the UK Act protects unsecured wireless networks and Google didn’t know that.  They routinely mine unsecured networks for email addresses and more and that is strictly disallowed by the DPA.

A London-based technology lawyer Phil James believes the maximum $800,000 fine could be to low for some violations.   “The rewards for multinationals creating new technologies are rightly vast, but it is only fair that the penalties for inadvertently or directly breaching data liabilities are sufficiently restraining,” James said.

What else does Google mine from unsecured networks?  How do they use the information?  Hmmm…

Zeus and the new wave of sophisticated threats

I find myself increasingly fascinated by the sophistication of the malware threat. From my perspective as a network systems administrator and a security consultant, malware was before considered a nuisance merely impacting PC performance.

Zeus appears to be a sea change in the story of malware. No longer are the users only affecting themselves(their own PCs performance) when they surf irresponsibly and contract a malware infection. Authentication credentials and thus financial and corporate secrets are at risk from only one infection in an environment. And it is now clear that variants like Zeus are being used by organized criminals to compile complex profiles on their victims in preparation for the real attack.

What are you all doing on the network administration side to mitigate these threats? We employ firewalls, proxies, script blockers and machine scans, all at very reasonable low cost. Are these countermeasures enough to combat these sophisticated attacks?

Why e-MDs is the Best EMR for your Practice.

We have been implementing e-MDs for our clients, medical practices in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Richardson and the surrounding areas, since 2008.   e-MDs has consistently delivered on the promise of electronic health records making a medical practice more efficient.  I can tell you from first-hand experience: that promise is not an easy one to make.  I would welcome the opportunity to show you why e-MDs is the best choice for your practice.

e-MDs is an EHR technology partner capable of offering healthcare providers ample support, ease of use and a streamline approach to improving efficiency and reducing the cost of health care.  The e-MDs Solution Series is attractive because of its affordability, intuitive design and system functionality.  e-MDs values, a vision for high standards, responsiveness to their clients and working in the best interest of the patients, were born from its beginnings as a software originally designed by physicians but written by competent software developers housed in a medical practice.

e-MDs integrated EHR and practice management system is designed by physicians specifically to help physicians in independent and group practices deliver robust capabilities for electronic health, practice management, patient engagement and claims management.  Integrated means that your practice can use one system from scheduling the patient to posting the resulting payment from those services, and all of the fully featured components tying it all together.

Let me know if we can answer any of your questions about e-MDs today.  Call Eric at 972-464-5790.