2011: expect more of using social media for hacktivism

2011 will be the year of using old attack vectors in new web 2.0 ways. DDoS with social media? Browser-only …

Top 20 passwords found in the Gawker dump

Interesting list of top 20 passwords in the Gawker dump. Hope you aren’t registered on any lifehacker/gawker sites!! http://ow.ly/3pUGl

security solutions

security solutions

We provide solutions that secure your data and infrastructure using multiple layers of industry standard tools.

The Economics of Cybercrime

The Economics of Cybercrime and the Law of Malware Probability. Great stats on underground malware economics. http://ow.ly/3ovhu

Senate bill to require minimum cybersecurity standards for internet

RT @itsecnews: Infosecurity (US): Senate bill would require minimum cybersecurity standards for internet … http://bit.ly/hV3P15

Latest Stuxnet variant uses encryption to evade analysis

Latest Stuxnet variant evermore capable. Ecrypted bot communication makes it near impossible to analyse how it’s working. http://ow.ly/3nfhC

Paying ransom for your… files.

New malware encrypts your files and demands cash to decrypt them. Recommendation: encrypt your kids before they can! http://ow.ly/3m7r9

Image and audio files = attack vector

Didn’t know image, audio & video files were this exploitable. Check out “Malware goes to the movies”: http://ow.ly/3ljNj Kudos @ayampolskiy

If the IRS emails you saying your payment failed: you’ve been hacked

Day-in-the-life of a bankbot. I rec’d the email this article refers to. I wonder who in my 7 degrees is …

How to resolve DNS if no registrar will have you?

Domain Name Service providers back slowly away from WikiLeaks. http://ow.ly/3jOGV Peer-to-peer DNS forthcoming. http://ow.ly/3jOL5 Weird!!