WordPress for Managing your Site’s Content

There is a nice series over at Web MaxFormance on using wordpress as a Content Management System, or CMS,  for any …

How can an entire country fall off the global internetwork?

nearly every single site is trending Egypt

2011: expect more of using social media for hacktivism

2011 will be the year of using old attack vectors in new web 2.0 ways. DDoS with social media? Browser-only …

Facebook intern turns user demographics into an amazing map of a connected world…

Cool! Facebook intern turns data into amazing map of a connected world. http://ow.ly/3pVBv

Top 20 passwords found in the Gawker dump

Interesting list of top 20 passwords in the Gawker dump. Hope you aren’t registered on any lifehacker/gawker sites!! http://ow.ly/3pUGl

Are you making money from your blog?

Are any of you making money from your blogs? http://ow.ly/3ozNS Interesting infographic says a lot of you are. http://ow.ly/3ozQk

Passion is key to success in Social Media

Passion is key to success in social media. So true! Who is passionate about your company. Empower them! http://ow.ly/3neeg