Health Technology Forum: May 8th, 2013, 6pm. Twitter created the New Radio Star.

  Health Technology Forum Dallas/Fort Worth Meetup The monthly events are hosted by IBM at their Innovation Center in Dallas near …

#htforum Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference today in San Francisco

The HTF Innovation Conference is today in San Francisco.  I couldn’t be there today, but I will try and find …

Health Technology Forum: February 6, 2013, 6pm. Expert Panel on Telemedicine. Please join us!

HealthLAN partners Eric Lyke and Alex Xing will present and discuss their telemedicine medical device partnership and the technology behind it. CIO Randall Mills will provide an overview of CallMD’s Telemedicine Services. Larry North, the household name in fitness, weight loss and health, will discuss the importance of Telemedicine in his fitness centers and how it is used in his Great American Slim Down program.

Do you know what Phone Phishing (or Vishing) is? Beware of the Debit Card Vishing Scam!

The technology may be new, but the scams still play upon the same age-old weakness in human nature: our trust.

HIPAA Auditor Involved in Own Data Breach

Data leaks out of every hole possible.  It happens electronically.  It happens physically.  It happens to firms that understand all …

software as a service

software as a service

we deliver your application over the network using technology tested by the most demanding financial and medical industries. the technology …

virtualization: ready for primetime

virtualization: ready for primetime

let us tell you how

data availability

data availability

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Data Breach Regulations can Cost Multinationals

“The rewards for multinationals creating new technologies are rightly vast, but it is only fair that the penalties for inadvertently or directly breaching data liabilities are sufficiently restraining.”