multi-zone audio

the ReQuest iQ is the first multi-room audio system to fully deliver the liberating power of music server and web-stream based listening. by coupling the brains of the system to the heart, the iQ system delivers unrivaled performance at a price level that is unmatched for a music server based system.
In the home, you will be amazed you have a system with so much functionality.
In the office, your employees and customers will be more satisfied with sound in the workplace.
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music and the perception of time

It’s evident that for all businesses,
ambient music is profitable!

in medical …

Stratton (1992) demonstrated that ambient music
played in a waiting room caused people to evaluate the passage of
time in the clinic as less long than they did when no music was

in retail…

On the West Coast, a chain of groceries changed
the genre of music played in the stores during the day in order
to relieve the stress of the customers and to make their experience
more agreeable. They also realized some positive effects on employee

in shopping malls…

The Ivanhoe Group CDP, a real-estate agency in
Montreal, ordered a study in 1999 that proved that slower music
caused consumers in their shopping malls to linger longer, and pay
more attention to items on sale and advertising material.

in food service…

The results of another study by Millman in 1986.
In a restaurant that played rapid tempo music, customers spent an
average of 45 minutes at their table, while they spent an average
of 56 minutes with the same music, but played at a slower tempo.
Clients consumed more drinks $30.50) under the slow tempo music
than they did under the rapid ($21.60)..

Another experiment demonstrated that the maximum price
customers were prepared to pay in a restaurant could be increased
15% when relaxing music was played, but climbed to more than 27%
more when jazz was chosen!

- extracts taken from “Workshop Marketing and Management”, Céline Jacob, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and from “Imagine your business without music!” by SOCAN.

managed services

* 24/7 network monitoring
* support help desk
* 90% of trouble resolved remotely
* vendor management

pixel . print . promo

* websites that work
* persuasive graphic design
* print from bizcards to booklets to billboards
* promotional products and apparel
* t-shirts

security services

* network and application security assessments
* firewall and router installation and configuration
* vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
* federal compliance audits

database services

* sql server, mysql
* reporting optimization
* sql mail scripting
* database upgrades