video and digital signage

capitalize on your captive audience…

your customers are there every day, why not leverage their presence?

the cost of flat screen monitors has dropped to the point that they make sense in any space in your office where your customers might see them.

digital displays can improve the customer’s waiting experience as well as educate them about your expertise or other lines of business.

digital signage can deliver your customised content to multiple displays over the network from a central server.

ask us how.

managed services

* 24/7 network monitoring
* support help desk
* 90% of trouble resolved remotely
* vendor management

pixel . print . promo

* websites that work
* persuasive graphic design
* print from bizcards to booklets to billboards
* promotional products and apparel
* t-shirts

security services

* network and application security assessments
* firewall and router installation and configuration
* vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
* federal compliance audits

database services

* sql server, mysql
* reporting optimization
* sql mail scripting
* database upgrades