the word marketing means so much more today than it did 10 years ago.   I cannot envision a marketing plan that doesn’t include pixels! you know… an analog plan.  a marketing plan with only traditional advertising.  just print, maybe some direct mail, radio or even some tv…  how boring.  and such low return on investment!

we don’t talk about pixels because pixel marketing is fun.  we talk about them because it works.  in some cases better than traditional media and in almost all cases more cheaply. pixel marketing needs to be a part of your plan and if you’re already doing it, we can help you do it better.

the word pixel is short for picture element, or a single point in a graphic image.   graphic design is the artistic arrangement of pixels for the persuasive presentation of an idea.  so when we talk about a pixel, we are talking about the building block of your sales success.  how you attract more clients, more cheaply and better than you’ve done it before.

managed services

* 24/7 network monitoring
* support help desk
* 90% of trouble resolved remotely
* vendor management

pixel . print . promo

* websites that work
* persuasive graphic design
* print from bizcards to booklets to billboards
* promotional products and apparel
* t-shirts

security services

* network and application security assessments
* firewall and router installation and configuration
* vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
* federal compliance audits

database services

* sql server, mysql
* reporting optimization
* sql mail scripting
* database upgrades