hosted applications

software-as-a-service has been an application delivery model in use for well over 10 years.  the technology is technically defined as delivering commercially available business applications over the network, although any application delivered over the cloud can be considered saas.

whether you are needing a warm or hot backup disaster site or are simply looking to cut costs and simplify management, saas apps are ready for primetime.

we have successfully delivered the most demanding time- and security-sensitive applications in extremely demanding healthcare and financial user environments.

let us show you how we can deliver hosted applications to meet your business needs.

managed services

* 24/7 network monitoring
* support help desk
* 90% of trouble resolved remotely
* vendor management

pixel . print . promo

* websites that work
* persuasive graphic design
* print from bizcards to booklets to billboards
* promotional products and apparel
* t-shirts

security services

* network and application security assessments
* firewall and router installation and configuration
* vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
* federal compliance audits

database services

* sql server, mysql
* reporting optimization
* sql mail scripting
* database upgrades