security solutions

security solutions

As computing has evolved, in the last 50 years, from facilitating only the core business processes to running every single process, the threats have multiplied to alarming levels.  Information Security is no longer optional.  It must be considered by any business, big or small.  Defense-in-depth, a term once only used in military context, today describes how we approach securing your information and computing assets.  A layering tactic, protection mechanisms, procedures and policies are put in place to increase the dependability of an IT system where multiple layers of defense prevent espionage and direct attacks against critical systems.

Using more than one of the following layers constitutes defense in depth: Physical security (e.g. doors and locks), Authentication and password security, Hashing passwords, Anti virus software, Firewalls (hardware or software), DMZ (demilitarized zones), IDS (intrusion detection systems), Packet filters, VPN (virtual private networks), Logging and auditing, Biometrics, Timed access control, Software/hardware not available to the public (but see also security through obscurity).

We provide solutions that secure your data and  infrastructure using multiple layers of industry standard tools.

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